Our Stories of God’s Work in Our Community

At Tintern, we believe our God is actively moving by His Spirit through His people to provide healing, breakthrough, restoration, and blessing, and here you’ll read about some of the incredible ways He has moved in and through those in our church. We know God doesn’t play favourites, and we hope you’ll allow these stories to encourage your faith and inspire you to believe Him for the miraculous in your life and the lives of others.

Cindy Whitfield, one of volunteer leaders shares her personal journey to faith.

Cindy Whitfield

Al and his wife June share the story of how he began a life-long journey of faith and discovery as a teenager.

"You never stop growing, never stop learning."

Al Langford

Sydney Cook talks about growing up at Tintern, and growing into an adult sized faith with the help of others.

"Baptism is not the final step of faith formation, it is the first step of many."

Sydney Cook

Justine shares her story of coming to faith, of blessing and loss.

In times of trial the love of God showed up through the love of these people... (1 John 4: 12)

Justine Mogford

Hope Martin is a long time member, growing up in the Town of Lincoln. She shares a bit of her story, and her service to youth programming for more than 50 years!

"In times of frustration and discouragement, God always "showed up," as if to say, 'I am still here, I promised to never leave you. Don't give up, it will get better."

Hope Martin

Doug Tallman, a long time member of the Tintern church reflects on growing up a part of vibrant faith community.

"The greatest blessing of my childhood was the consistent faith of my parents"

Doug Tallman

Devin Walker shares his experience of growing into an adult faith as a member of the Tintern Church.

"My faith was not a one-time event. With faith, you grow into it, and you never stop growing."

Devin Walker