relationship building and growing on a foundation

Fellowship Groups

Our monthly Fellowship Groups offer a chance for people to get to know new friends at Tintern in a comfortable, low-stress environment. Everyone at Tintern is welcome to participate in one of these monthly potluck lunches after worship.

Most groups include about 45 people, just large enough that you won’t feel awkward, but small enough that you can get to know everyone over a few months and develop lasting relationships. Each group has people of all ages and visitors are welcome to stay for lunch anytime a Fellowship Group is meeting.

Fostering friendship over food

Some highlights of our Fellowship groups


A Shared Table

Hospitality, like any social skill, takes practice. One of the ways we can develop this spiritual gift is to make a habit of preparing food for others and inviting them to join you. Connect with one of our fellowship groups today and begin practicing the gift of hospitality.


Building Friendships

Our sense of fellowship grows, and friendships happen when we spend time together. Fellowship groups are a chance for us to hear others tell their story and in turn we can share a bit of ourselves with them.



Each fellowship group has representation from every age group. It’s a chance for kids and teens to see their parents interacting with other members of the faith community. Fellowship groups are an extended spiritual family where you can get to know people and be known.

Noel Walker


If you have any questions or any way which we can serve you please ask.

The mission of the Tintern Church of Christ is to develop followers of Jesus together for the benefit of the world. Everything we do is oriented to accomplish that task through the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. The vision for our church family is to accomplish this mission by being a people of peace to the Town of Lincoln.