eBulletin   -   Apr 27, 2023

April 27, eBulletin


Micah 6 Mission Trip - This evening Noel, Daniel, Liam, Megan, Dave, Lori, Lawson, Lyla, Ruben, Erika, Jorja and Bethany are leaving to go to Micah 6 to volunteer their time. They will return late Sunday night. Pray the mission team allows the Holy Spirit to speak to them while serving and guide their actions. Pray that mission team members experience fruits of the Spirit as they serve one another and the Micah 6 community.  Pray for safe travels to and from Michigan.

Summer Schedule - TRUTH and EPIC need teachers and helpers on Sundays during class in the summer. If you’d like to sign up for a month, you can sign up on the bulletin board in the auditorium. Thank you to all of our helpers! It takes a village! 

Bible Day Camp
  1. Online registration for participants will begin around May 15. An email with the link will go out at that time. 
  2. If you would like to volunteer for one of the many positions available please let Margaret know. Email her at office@tinternchurchofchrist.ca or speak to her on Sunday. Thank you to all those that have signed up to help!
  3. Please bring in empty paper towel rolls.
Bridal Shower - The women are invited to a bridal shower to honour Catherine Wirkkunen on Saturday April 29, 2023 at 2:00 pm here at Tintern. If you plan to attend please let Mackenzie Koudijs know via phone or text to 289-922-8175. Catherine is registered at  https://www.myregistry.com/wedding-registry/catherine-wirkkunen-and-braden-meeboer-welland-on/3705813. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can give those to Jodie Cook or etransfer to j2cook3@gmail.com.

Mom to Mom Sale - Great Lakes Parent Council is hosting the Lincoln Mom to Mom Sale on May 27 at GL. Do you have any baby or children's gently used items that you would like to donate?  Money raised from the items you donate will go towards the Great Lakes Parent Council.  If you have anything please contact Nicole Breukelman at nicolebreuk400@gmail.com.

Convos Youth Zone - See attached bulletin. A printed copy will be posted on the bulletin board outside the offices.
Empty Containers - Please take a look at the containers in the kitchen. They are missing their owner. Any containers left at the end of April will be donated.

What Are Tintern Kids Praying for:

Grades 1 & Under Sunday Morning Class
Lydia: praying for mom
Knox: praying for Nicky because he moved, and Opa because he is at Florida
Kinsley: praying that my dad will take off his boot (he broke his foot)
Lucy: praying for mommy and daddy

Grades 2 & 3 Sunday Morning Class
Thank you, God,...
Ruby: that Grandma can bend her knees
Elet: that I'm going to Nan and Grandpa's house
Hailey: for my family
Claire: for my 8 puppies
Miranda: for my dog
Jace: for my iPod

Grades 4 & 5 Sunday Morning Class
Peyton: I am thankful that I got to do the computer during church
Lochlan: praying that Stella’s puppies grow well

Grades 1 & Under Wednesday Class
I can tell ____ that Jesus is their friend
Lydia: mom, Opa
Knox: Opa, daddy, and mommy
Lucy: Ellie, Knox, and Lydia

Grades 2-5 Wednesday Class
Aiden: praying that I can play with my friend this weekend
Claire: praying that my dogs stay healthy
Elet: praying that I have fun with grandma and grandpa visiting tomorrow and sleepover with Colleen on Saturday
Lochlan: praying that the puppies do well and stop yipping and yapping at 5am
Gwen: praying that I can bike to school on a nice day and that Catherine’s wedding shower goes well
Ruby: praying that Mimi and Papa feel better
Taryn: praying for the waterworks field trip tomorrow
Allie: praying that my grandparents get a working car soon
Hailey: praying for the 30 baby chicks
Miranda: praying that I have a fun birthday on May 24th

Upcoming Events

April 27-30             Micah 6 Mission Trip
April 29 @ 2pm     Bridal Shower for Catherine Wirkkunen  
May 6 @ 5:30pm  Rock 'N Roll Diner at GLCHS
May 7 @ 4pm        Episode 3 - Physician Heal Thyself
May 14                  TRUTH Led Worship
May 19 @ 7pm     Parenting Workshop: Human Sexuality in the Public Domain
May 21 @ 4pm     Episode 4 - Clean Part 1
May 27                  Lincoln Mom to Mom Sale at GL
May 28                  GL Chorus

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