eBulletin   -   Dec 14, 2023

December 14, 2023 eBulletin


Prayers - For Tintern's prayer list, check out our website www.tinternchurchofchrist.ca. The "Prayer Hub" button (top right corner or click here) is where you will find our list of prayers. You can also add prayers.

Celebration of the Season - Be sure to invite family and friends. Reminder to bring table ready fruit trays, veggie trays, cheese and cracker trays and/or goodies to share. Reminder, if you do bring a food item that has nuts in it (no peanuts please!), please label that item. Also, if you bring any specialty food items (gluten free, dairy free, etc.) please label those appropriately. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other cold drinks will be available. Any questions contact or Margaret.

Faham Katan Family - Our friends, the Fahan Katans, are going through some very stressful times. Ammar is waiting for a doctor to find the best help for his back, he has been out of work for over 6 months. Raneem has moved to Bethesda, which we hope will be a positive move for her. Samia is looking for work. With Christmas coming we want to help by providing gifts for the kids and perhaps help with groceries. Here are the ages and sizes for the kids: Mohammed (16) Medium men's. Miriam (13) Girls Size 14. Celine (8) Girls size 12. Raneem (23) Ladies xl. Samira (25). Contact Roger Perry or Linda Smith.

Wirkkunen Family - Two more meals have been added for next week (Dec 18 & 21)  to the schedule. If you would like to help out click on this link. The family appreciates all prayers and meals that have been provided. Contact Margaret should you have any questions.

December Friday Night Connect - Connect will be Friday, December 15th from 7-9pm at the Fireside Room. It will be Christmas-themed, and snacks will be provided!!  
Praise God for Answered Prayers!  - Peter M's wife Neema has received her visa. Further details are not known at this time.

Sunday School Need - We are looking for a teacher for the Sunday morning Kindergarten class for the month of January. If you are able to help, please let Megan know.

Giving More - Tintern used to be really good at bringing in non-perishables for Community Care before Covid. Let's bring it back in 2024! The need is great and getting greater every year  (A report from Feed Ontario released November 23, 2023 indicates the number of people who used Ontario food banks went up 38 per cent last year - the largest single-year increase recorded by the province's food bank network). Each week have everyone in your family bring a non-perishable item to the building. Imagine how many non-perishable items we could collect and donate to Community Care in Beamsville and the Village of Hope in Jordan and GBF in Grimsby and West Lincoln Community Care in Smithville? While out doing your grocery shopping, see what items are on sale and pick some up. Let's make a difference in our community. Check your mailbox at Tintern for a list of donation suggestions.

January Connect Event  - Our Connect Event in January will be on a TUESDAY night instead of a Friday. Tuesday, January 2 from 6-8pm at West Lincoln Arena Community Room #3. The rink will be available for skating from 7-8pm. Please bring a treat to share. Invitations are in your mailbox and attached below as well.

From Graf-Martin Communications -  For the first time, THE CHOSEN is releasing their beloved Christmas special north of the border. CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT is coming to Canadian theatres near you from December 12 to 17, 2023. THE CHOSEN has taken The Shepherd and The Messengers from Christmas past and woven them together (wreath-like) into a Christmas present. Freshly recut and remastered, the two are now one seamless story about the birth of Jesus—CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT. Combining the best of old and new, they have also worked in six musical performances from the past, leading to a first-time-ever performance by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo. This is not merely an entertainment event; it's a call to come together, celebrate, and share the message of Christ's birth with believers and seekers alike. Click here to buy your tickets today.

 Daily Audio Bible (DAB) - Starting January 1, 2024 you are invited to join a group that will be listening to the Bible via the DAB app. Invitations are in your mailbox. A digital copy is below. Contact Jim Whitfield if you have any questions.

GLCHS Homestay Opportunity - GLCHS has two Japanese High School Students coming to be with us for 9 weeks starting mid-January 2024. We are looking for two separate local homestay hosts that would house and feed these girls. This is a paid opportunity. They will be away for two extended weekends during the 9 week time period. If you are interested in being considered as a host, please contact Please contact jim.whitfield@glchs.ca to express your interest.

Great Lakes Christian High School - Great Lakes Christian High School is looking for a full time teacher for Fall 2024. Preferred applicants will have Intermediate and Senior Qualifications and be able to teach one or more of the following subject areas: Math, Science, Business. Please send resume and statement of faith to Kerri Kennedy (Principal) at kerri.kennedy@glchs.ca. Please share with Christian friends and family who may be interested in working in our school.

Local Church of Christ Christmas & Seasonal Services - See attached list that Glen Robbins has put together.

Newsletters - See the attached newsletters from Micah 6, Greg Whitfield and Camp Omagh.

Niagara Christian Gleaners - Periodically we host Saturday Morning Volunteer Sessions. Here is the signup link for those sessions. Please follow the same instructions as above: https://signup.com/go/OyEQOLo. (Please note that Saturday Sessions may be cancelled on short notice if there is a soft response to the signup. Thanks for understanding). 

What are Tintern Kids Praying For?

Kindergarten Sunday Class (Dec 3)
Lucy: praying for my stuffy animals
Lydia: Thank you, God, for the flowers

Grade 1-3 Sunday Class (Dec 3)
Knox: praying that I can be helpful to my mom when dad is working
Hailey: praying that Dad stays safe at work
Aiden: praying for happy, healthy family at Christmas

Grade 4-5 Sunday Class (Dec 3)
Peyton: praying that my mom's birthday goes well
Chloe: praying that my field trip goes well
Allie: praying to have a good week
Celine: praying that mom comes home from Syria
Mariam: praying that I make the basketball team
Sandy: praying that Samia gets home safe this week
Megan: praying for more patience

Kindergarten Wednesday Class (Dec 6)
Thank you, God, for my favorite food…
Lydia: macaroni bologne
Ms Margaret: pizza & hamburgers

Grade 1-5 Wednesday Class (Dec 6)
Claire: praying for a safe drive up north
Allie: praying for Maddie and Miranda have fun in Florida
Knox: praying that Claire and Lochlan have fun in Mexico
Taryn: praying I have a good volleyball playoffs
Hailey: praying my Grammy’s ankle heals quickly
Peyton: praying that singing at school goes well tomorrow

Grade 1-3 Sunday Class (Dec 10)
Benny: praying for Misses May
Tate: praying my dog’s foot gets better
Aiden: praying my winter banquet goes well
Knox: praying to do good at his video game
Hailey: thankful for my friend’s birthday party today

Grade 4-5 Sunday Class (Dec 10)
Taryn: praying that my dogs stay safe
Ruby: praying that Sawyer’s knee feels better
Jase: thankful that I am about to have a break in school
Allie: praying to have a good week
Ms. Lindsay: praying for my friend from work, Lisa, who is in the hospital
Ms. Megan: praying that my foot feels better

Kindergarten Wednesday Class (Dec 13)
God, help me to share the love of Jesus with...
Lucy: daddy
Lydia: momma

Upcoming Events

Dec 15 @ 7pm   - FNC at the Fireside Room
Dec 17               - 2024 Proposed Budget (during adult class time)
Dec 17 @ 6pm  - Celebration of the Season
Dec 24               - Beamsville's Christmas Eve candlelight service at 7pm. 
Jan 2 @ 6pm     - Connect

eBulletin - If you have anything for the bulletin please send the information to tinternchurchofchrist@gmail.com.

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