eBulletin   -   Jan 25, 2024

January 25, 2024 eBulletin


Prayers - For Tintern's prayer list, check out our website www.tinternchurchofchrist.ca. The "Prayer Hub" button (top right corner or click here) is where you will find our list of prayers. You can also add prayers.

Volunteers Needed - We are looking for a volunteer A/V coordinator who can organize training for our teen and preteen volunteers as well as some oversight of the equipment at the back of the auditorium. Contact Noel if you would like to contribute in this way in 2024!

Free Indeed: Men's Conference February 2-3, 2024 - Hope Bible Church is hosting a satellite site of the Free Indeed Men's Conference in St. Catharines. Friday night session begins at 7pm with a full program including Breakfast on Saturday. You can get more details here: https://hopeoakville.ca/free-indeed/. Conference cost is $45 and you can register online here: (https://brushfire.com/hopebiblechurchoakville/niagarafreeindeedmensconference2024/566979https://brushfire.com/hopebiblechurchoakville/niagarafreeindeedmensconference2024/566979). Contact Jeff Whitfield if you're interested in going (maybe we can facilitate rides)

BDC Preplanning Meeting - If you would like to be involved in the planning of this year's Bible Day Camp (Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid) we will have our first meeting on Sunday January 28 following worship. Bring a bagged lunch. If you have any questions contact Margaret.

Superpowers Brought Together - Last Sunday Noel identified kindness being a superpower. Most definitely. As can be music. Bring those two superpowers together and oh my!

When the McBays entered the life of the Tintern church, one of the first things we did was join others and go to Extendicare to sing for Charlie Hannah. Witnessing the impact of hymns awakening someone otherwise asleep in their chair, often not enjoying any visitors, was lovely and enlightening. Initially, Brian and Terral may have been a bit leery, but the joy their young presence brought was also enlightening.

When we as a family would travel to Tennessee to the Acapella Christian Music seminar, part of our week was to visit and sing with older people in nursing homes. One resident in particular stays with me all these years later. Once, a vibrant music teacher, with a doctorate, she had lost almost all capacity for logic and understanding. The MOMENT we started to sing, some of her music memory returned, waking her up and allowing her to join in. The expression on her face!! I have seen that happen in some way, every time we sing with Earl at Linhaven, and many on his floor. I feel certain it must happen with Hugh and Phyllis Kirkland at the Mennonite Home.

Come help us blend kindness and music in a powerful way. Come sing with us. Bring a lunch, carpool with others on the following Sundays. We will arrive at each location just before 1:30, and you can be home by 3 pm.

February 4 - Mennonite Home
March 3 - Linhaven
April 28 (Service Sunday) - Mennonite Home
May 26 - Linhaven
June 23 - Mennonite Home

Bring a bag lunch to those Sunday mornings and we can car pool. Please speak to Sandy McBay.

February Connect Event - Our Connect event for February will be a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 11th beginning at 6pm. We will be having a chili cookoff, so bring your best chili! Desserts will be provided. Before the game begins at 6:30, everyone will have the chance to use their allotted tokens to place non-monetary bets about the game. We will keep score and announce a winner. There will be a craft table for kids to make Valentine's Day cards along with other crafts. During halftime we will play Minute to Win It games and have a devotional. Our Connect event will end at the end of halftime, but people are welcome to stay to watch the rest of the game.  

Tintern Housekeeping Items -
  1. When you arrive at the building it would be helpful if everyone stomped off any salt/stones/snow/mud onto the mats at the foyers.
  2. Most (but not all) of the lights at Tintern are on timers. If there is a green (common areas) or red (classrooms) circle stickers on light switches, these are on timers and will turn on when you pass the motion detector/enter a classroom and turn off after 20 minutes. If there are no green or red circle stickers, these lights will need to be turned on/off manually (entry ways, auditorium, kitchen, bathrooms etc.)
Attention Grade 6-8 families - Great Lakes Christian High School would like to invite you to upcoming events to learn more about Great Lakes Christian. 
  1. VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSES: Tuesday February 6th at 4:00pm or Tuesday February 20th  at 2:00pmJoin us from wherever you are. Meet the Principal, Guidance counselor and other staff who will work directly with your teen in their future. To register: Click Here.
  2. EXPERIENCE GREAT LAKES: Thursday, February 29th 8:00am-3:15pm. Students, this day is for YOU! Come for a day to experience what high school is like as a Great Lakes Laker! (Lunch provided). To register: Click Here.
NEW: Transportation available on demand from Stoney Creek and Grimsby as well as St Catharines.

From Grafmartin - "The Chosen" Season 4 is gearing up for its Canadian theatre premiere on February 1st, 2024. This remarkable series has captivated audiences worldwide, offering a profound exploration of Jesus’ life and the transformative experiences of those who encounter Him. And for the first time in TV history… the entire season will premiere in theatres.

Strawberry Point Christian Camp - They are now accepting SPCC Summer Staff Applications. You can download the application here.

Christian Relief Fund - We have received a letter from Dulce. It is attached here and posted on the bulletin board between the bathrooms.

Condolences - There are many grieving families.
  1. Guy Stopard passed away on January 20 after a short but grueling bout with cancer. A memorial service took place this afternoon (January 25) at 2 pm at the Ontario St. Church of Christ 439 Ontario St., St. Catharines. To read his obituary click here.
  2. There will be a memorial for Tom Moore at the Fennell Ave. Church of Christ, 321 East 27th Street Hamilton on January 28th at 3:00pm, or on Zoom (click here), Meeting ID 884 7462 4845, Passcode 543507, or call in (647) 374 4685. Tom passed away on December 24, 2023.
Niagara Christian Gleaners - Volunteering is by means of the online signup. Please consider helping us out by clicking on our signup link. Two simple steps and you're signed up!
1) Click this link: https://signup.com/go/jFcJorb
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

What Are Tintern Kids Praying For

Grade 1-3 Sunday Class
Aiden: praying for Hailey’s birthday party
Claire: praying for my friend’s birthday party
Kinsley: praying for my friend’s birthday party

Grade 4-5 Sunday Class
Miranda: praying to have a good week
Ruby: praying to do well on my project about Texas
Allie: praying that my Aunt Tracey feels better
Peyton: praying that mom’s car window doesn’t break again
Ms. Lindsay: praying for my friend who is recovering from a car accident
Ms. Megan: praying for my ankle to feel better

Wednesday Class
Miranda: Tink (dog) needs to have surgery
Lydia: thankful for skating on ice
Lawson: that the Chiefs will win
William: ice rink/skating and his next tournament
Holly: family friend passed away from breast cancer
Eva: do well in basketball today
Russ: Guy Stoppard, Mark McDonnell and Tom Moore funerals
Kerri E: the Mantini's
Sawyer: that school goes well, everyone is nice to each other
Gwen: please let it stop raining
Maddie: that my knee brace helps it realign correctly
Knox: thankful or my family
Hailey: thankful and looking forward to my birthday
Nathan: please help me have a good sleep
Justine: praying for Aunt Chris and give her comfort and encouragement during chemo
Jim & Dianne: safe travels on the drive to Meaford, no snow please
Elet: 49er's to win, thankful for class trip and has a tournament coming up
Lucy: my Barbie I got for Christmas
Peter: school goes well and Jets to win last night
Lyla: basketball tournament on the 27th
Lochlan: hockey goes well
Devin: has a big test
Cindy: wisdom in how to respond to disrespect
Doug: thankful for a warm house and peaceful place to live
Noel: peace
Allie: school goes well

Upcoming Events:

Jan 28 @noon       BDC Bagged Lunch Preplanning Meeting
Feb 4                     Mennonite Home
Feb 6 @ 4pm        Virtual Open House - Great Lakes Christian Highschool (see 
Feb 11 @ 6pm      February Connect (see above for details)
Feb 20 @ 2pm      Virtual Open House - Great Lakes Christian Highschool (see 
Feb 29                   GL Experience for a Day

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