Article, Events   -   Apr 11, 2022

Tintern Garden Club


The Tintern Garden Club is a monthly opportunity for different generations to share the experience of gardening and watching God at work in the earth producing food and beautiful flowers out of His own abundance. All ages are welcome! We gather at the end of every month on Saturday morning at 10:30am for a brief devotional where we explore the goodness of God through the way things grow. They we get our hands dirtyplanting and caring for our Community Garden.


You are welcome to adopt one of our raised beds and grow something there, or drop in on one of Garden Club meetings and help out. Food grown in our Garden is shared with Community Care, Village of Hope and our other community partners.


Join us on Saturday Apr. 30th at 10:30am as we get our Sunflowers started and prepare the gardens for the growing season. If you have any questions contact Noel for details.