eBulletin   -   Nov 03, 2022

November 3, 2022 eBulletin

Join us this Sunday for in-person service at 9:45 am. Masks are optional. If you are showing symptoms of COVID, please remain at home.

Fall Back- a friendly reminder to set your clocks behind 1 hour Saturday evening.

Wedding Bells- Congratulations to Emily Whitfield and Ben Shore who were married last week. We wish them many blessings in their marriage!

Sunday November 6th - Lawrence Whitfield will be our "guest" speaker. The sermon title will be “The Day of the Lord”. The text will be 2 Peter 3:1-9 If you wish to prepare for the adult class, please, bring a list of passages that speak of the second coming of Christ or the last days of the earth.
Also, here are couple of discussion points that will be asked of the group:

1.Share in your own words what you believe will happen when Christ returns.
2.Share your understanding of various beliefs regarding the second coming that you believe are incorrect?  If possible, share the verses upon which these beliefs are based.

Kids Coin Collection - This Sunday is our coin collection. Once again our kids are going to help collect the money for the kids we are sponsoring. We are sponsoring two children through Christian Relief Fund, Gabriela Jordan (from Piedras Negras, Mexico) and Ambar Gonzales (from Tegucigalpa, Honduras). You can also etransfer money to tinternpayables@gmail.com, in the message box be sure to let us know that the funds are for the kids collection.

Hello Church Family! - Exciting news to share…Dylan and Carrie Pyeatt are expecting a baby boy in January 2023! We will have an opportunity to celebrate and share in their joy when they join us in person on November 20th. As a way of extending our love to them we welcome anyone who would like to donate to a group gift to please connect with Phyllis Stanley, Sandy McBay, or Lori Hurley to make a financial contribution. We intend to share the gift with them when they visit in November so please make your donations by November 13th.

Attention Tintern Knitters and Crocheters - Three Blizzards and -19 Degrees!
Thank you to those who have indicated they will contribute some knitted or crocheted items to be sent to the Tusarvik School and Naujaat community.  They are in the deep of winter already and looking forward to receiving warm mitts, hats, scarves, slippers. The goal is to send packages by the first week of December with the hope they will receive them before Christmas.  If you wish to help with mailing costs, THAT WOULD HELP A LOT!  And if you have items to send, please get them to Sandy McBay by November 30.

Great Lakes Christian High School
  1. Great Lakes Christian High School invites you to join us for our Open House “The Amazing Race” November 17th at 6:30pm
    Students will have the opportunity to participate in 'An Amazing Race' while learning more about Great Lakes. Parents will have an opportunity to ask their questions directly to the principal, Mrs. Kerri Kennedy, and learn details about the various opportunities available for their children. GLCHS responds both effectively and efficiently to our students' needs. As a community we strive to come together to encourage each other as we discern wise options for our children's futures. Come learn how we are making decisions regarding the challenges facing your child’s education today! Join us for PIZZA, and we will discover together what you need to know about Great Lakes!
    Register here: https://go.oncehub.com/GLCHSOpenHouse
  2. Also, Join us for a Shadow Day “Experience Great Lakes Christian High School” Friday November 25th 8:00-3:15 pm
    Exploring your academic options? Come join us for a Shadow Day Experience and see what a day in the life of a Great Lake's Laker feels like! Great Lakes Christian High School invites you to come be a student for the day, bring a friend, meet some classmates, teachers, and other staff. Have a tour, attend class, collect some swag, and eat cafeteria food as lunch is provided!
    Register here: https://go.oncehub.com/EXPERIENCEGREATLAKES
    We are currently accepting applications for fall of 2023
    Apply here: https://glchs.on.ca/application-documents/
  3. On Saturday November 26th the Great Lakes Chorus will be singing the National Anthem at the Ice Dogs game at 7 pm. Tickets are $16.00 each. Contact Stacey Tallman at stacey.tallman @glchs.ca to purchase tickets before November 17.
  4. Another month, and another job opportunity! We have an openingfor a Business Office Bookkeeper at GLCHS.  Please see the attached ad.  We appreciate it if you could share this information with your congregation.  Let me know if you would like more details or prefer an alternative format.  This posting can also be found on our website at https://glchs.on.ca/about/job-opportunities/.
Niagara Christian Gleaners - The food just keeps on arriving here at NCG and the dryers are running non stop. In the past couple of weeks we have received loads of onions, beets, apples and plenty more. As always a big thanks goes out to our amazing grower partners, we could not do this without you. We also want to thank our amazing volunteers of course who come from near and far. We even had some larger groups recently from Forest View Church in Grimsby and Hilltop Bible Chapel all the way in Etobicoke. God is indeed good. (see pictures below)  

Be a Good Neighbour - Remember to check in with family, friends and neighbours. Also, local food banks are increasingly in need of food. Watch out for info regarding food drives in your area.

Prayers - For Tintern's prayer list, check out our website www.tinternchurchofchrist.ca. In the "Prayer Hub" button (top right corner) is where you will find our list of prayers. You can also add prayers.

What are our Tintern Kids Praying For

Grades 2-5 Wednesday Evening Class
God help me to love my enemies.
Ruby- help me to use my words to tell them to stop.
Lochlan- help me learn what their problem is so that I can help them.
Aiden- help me not to ever punch them and have self control.
Allie- help my friends if they are being bullied.
Elet- help me not to push my enemy in soccer.
Miranda- give my Dad patience for his transplant surgery.
Allie- my friend Avery has Covid please help her to get better.
![2022 11 17 GL Open House.jpg](https://tinternchurchofchrist.ca/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/2022%2011%2017%20GL%20Open%20House.jpg) ![2022 11 25 GL Shadow Day.jpg](https://tinternchurchofchrist.ca/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/2022%2011%2025%20GL%20Shadow%20Day.jpg) ![2022 11 26 GL Chorus - Ice Dogs.jpg](https://tinternchurchofchrist.ca/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/2022%2011%2026%20GL%20Chorus%20-%20Ice%20Dogs.jpg) ![2022-oct-glchs-job-ad-bookkeeper.jpg](https://tinternchurchofchrist.ca/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/2022-oct-glchs-job-ad-bookkeeper.jpg) ![20222 11 29 GLBC Giving Tuesday.jpg](https://tinternchurchofchrist.ca/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/20222%2011%2029%20GLBC%20Giving%20Tuesday.jpg)